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Riede (site) in the municipality of Gols in the Burgenland wine-growing region of Neusiedlersee (Austria). The name comes from the right to clear a part of the municipal forest around Gols and to use it for agriculture. This was a "gift" and the tearing down of the trees was the "crack". The two names then dialectically merged into "Gabarinza". The reed is a south-western slope rising relatively steeply in two waves (long and short gabarinza) towards the Parndorfer Platte. It is an old terrace of the Urdonau. The soils consist of magnesium-containing sand loam with topsoil darkened by humus. The basic material consists of Danube gravel, which is about 600,000 years old and whose reddish-brown colouring is caused by the weathering of iron oxides. The reed comprises 23 hectares of vineyards, where the red wine varieties Zweigelt, BlaufränkischMerlot, St. Laurent,Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon as well as the white wine varieties Chardonnay andPinot Blanc are cultivated. The Achs Paul, Beck Judith, Gsellmann Andreas, Heinrich Gernot, Nittnaus Gebrüder and Wendelin Paul wineries have shares in the vineyard.

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