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fullbodied, rich (GB)
corporoso (I)
corsé (F)

Body (also fullness, backbone, substance) refers to the alcohol content and the total extract of a wine in the context of a wine-tasting. The term structure is to be understood in a more comprehensive way. Similar terms are character and texture. However, the term "body", which is in itself value-free without adjectives, says nothing about the balance of the two components or the quality. A full-bodied wine has a high alcohol content (from about 12% vol.) and a large proportion of total extract. This is also described with the terms "backbone", "full-bodied", "powerful" or "plump". Related terms are balanced, rich in extract, strong, heavy, vinous and bulky. A negative, disharmonious expression is massy; a wine with too little body is thin, hollow and watery. In contrast, lean is a positive description for a less full-bodied wine.

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