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The white grape variety comes from Romania. Synonyms are Frâncușe, Frîncușă, Mustoasă, Mustoasă de Moldova, Poamă Creată, Poamă Franchie, Poamă Mustei, Tartara and Vinoasă. It must not be confused with the two varieties Kreaca (synonym Frâncușă) or Mustoasă de Măderat, despite the fact that the synonyms or morphological similarities seem to indicate this. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2013, it is a presumably natural cross between Gouais Blanc x Alba Imputotato. Parenthood was also found for the varieties Fetească Regală and Sárfehér. However, in all cases this was based on only 20 DNA markers (see Molecular Genetics). By the way, the varieties Furmint and Javor Groß were created with the same parents. It is not known whether there is a relationship to the red variety Bătută Neagră (Frâncușă Niagră).

The late maturing vine produces light coloured white wines with aromas of lemon and apple. There are two varieties, which are distinguished by the berries. Before phylloxera, the variety was widespread in the areas of Cotnari (where it is still used for the famous sweet wine), Husi, Odobesti and Panciului in the eastern region of Moldova. In 2010, 621 hectares of vineyards were designated.

Source: Wine Grapes / J. Robinson, J. Harding, J. Vouillamoz / Penguin Books Ltd. 2012

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