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A special Austrian term (also known in dialect as "Stiftl") for a small-format wine bottle that is usually used in train restaurants or in airplanes. The name is derived from the Austrian vineyard Stift Klosterneuburg and is a minimizing form of the "Stift" (church cathedral). In the 1950s, the Austrian airline AUA approached the winery with an order to bottle a red wine for First Class in small bottles of what was then 0.375 litres. The first wine marketed was the St. Laurent, which is shown in the picture on the right. The wine, or rather the bottle with the embossed coat of arms, caused a great sensation. Among the passengers and the AUA staff, the affectionately understood name "Stifterl" quickly became established. For practical reasons, screw caps are used for such bottles due to the limited space available, especially in aircraft. In the meantime, however, this bottle shape or designation has also become common with the smaller bottle contents of 0.20 litres and 0.25 litres. See also under bottles and wine containers.

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