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Fortified wine

wine for distilling (GB)

Designation (also called base wine) for a wine used for the production of spirit or brandy. For this purpose, particularly suitable acid-accentuated grape varieties are used, such as Airén, Baco Blanc, Colombard, Folignan, Folle Blanche, Graisse, Jurançon Blanc, Mauzac Blanc, Mauzac Rose, Meslier Saint-François, Montils, Select and Ugni Blanc(Trebbiano Toscano). In this process, a wine distillate of up to 86% vol. is added to a fully fermented wine with minimum residual sugar content, resulting in an alcohol content of 18 to 22% vol. This is then used for further distillation. See also under brandy.

Complete lists of the numerous vinification measures or cellar techniques, as well as the types of wine, sparkling wine and distillate regulated by wine law are included under the keyword vinification. Comprehensive information on wine law can be found under the keyword wine law.

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