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Folle Blanche

The white grape variety comes from France. Synonyms are Fütterer (Germany); Amounedat, Bouillon, Chalosse Blanche, Canut du Lot et Garonne, Dame Blanc, Dame Blanche, Engreat Blanc, Enragé, Enrageat, Folle, Folle de Bordeaux, Folle Girodine, Fou, Grais, Grais Bouillon, Gros Plant, Petit Verjus, Piquepoul, Piquepoul du Gers, Picpoult d'Armagnac, Plant de Dame, Rochelle Blanche, Rochelle Verte, Saint-Émilion, Taloche du Lot, Talosse (France); Folle Bijeli (Croatia); Matza Zuri, Mune Mahatsa (Spain); Fehér Folle (Hungary). It must not be confused with the varieties Claverie (Chalosse Blanche), Fütterer, Knipperlé (Rochelle Blanche), Meslier Saint-François, Petit Meslier or Piquepoul Blanc, despite apparently indicative synonyms or morphological similarities. It is also not a colour mutation of the varieties Fuella Nera, Jurançon Noir or Négrette (all synonymous with Folle Noire). According to DNA analyses carried out in 2011, the variety is the result of a presumed natural cross between Gouais Blanc and unknown partners. It was the parent of Jurançon Blanc, Jurançon Noir, Merlot Blanc and Monbadon (natural crossing), and Baco Blanc, Baco Noir and Folignan (new breeding).

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