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Designation (Engl. flight or swarm - also passage, series, partial tasting) for a single round at a professional wine tasting. A group of wines, which are in a certain relationship to each other, is served and tasted together. For example, these can be different wines of a certain growing region and/or grape variety and/or vintage and/or price category and/or wine type. Depending on the objective of the tasting, however, any conceivable grouping is of course possible. The wine glasses are placed next to each other so that a quick comparison of the wines with the possibility of repetition (multiple tasting) can be made. Usually at least three wines are compared with each other during a flight.

Through appropriate organization (e.g. numbering of the glasses) it must be possible to assign evaluation results to the respective wines. By means of parallel evaluation, it is also possible to assess the different development of the wine due to oxygen contact and the resulting changes in aroma. A wine tasting can (but need not) consist of several flights. If a wine tasting is accompanied by a multi-course menu, the dishes must match the flights: with soup, poultry or fish white wines, with dark meat or game red wines and with dessert sweet wines. See also under Awards, Wine Address, Wine Evaluation and Wine Events.

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