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The white grape variety is a seedling of unknown origin. Synonyms are Mosel grape, and possibly also Rosewood grape and White Rosary. The name refers to the Palatine landowner and sparkling wine producer Georg Peter Fitz (1792-1867), who brought the vine from Franconia. In the municipality of Ellerstadt there is still a villa of the family today, where different grape varieties as well as the Fitz vine are cultivated in the park. It was mentioned at the beginning of the 20th century as a garden grape, i.e. ornamental vine, which was cultivated around the community of Bad Dürkheim

Around 1930, the area under cultivation in the Palatinate was still around 20 hectares. According to the biologist Andreas Jung, the Fitzrebe is also still found in some vineyards around Heidelberg (Baden). He believes that there is a similar vine at the Geilweilerhof, called Rosenkranztraube. It could also be identical with the variety Weißer Hudler described by Franz Xaver Trummer (1800-1858). Jung suspects an origin in Istria or Slavonia. The high-yielding vine produces rather undemanding wines.

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