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Féret Michel-Édouard

The English professor Charles Cocks (+1854) published a book in 1846 under the title "Bordeaux, its Wines and the Claret Country" about the châteaux in the French wine-growing region of Bordeaux, in which he described them and their wines and assessed their quality. In this respect he said that the price (for a bottle) seems to him to be the best touchstone of the quality presumed in every wine. The book was published nine years before the famous Bordeaux Classification of 1855, where the most important evaluation criterion for the wineries was also the price that the wines of the Châteaux had achieved in the last hundred years. And there were also great similarities in the ranking of Cocks and that of the Bordeaux estate agents, who had been working there under the imperial commission of Napoleon III. (1808-1873) who carried out the classification.

Féret Michel-Édouard - Porträt und Buchcover

The book was translated into French in 1850 in collaboration with the French bookseller Michel-Édouard Féret under the title "Bordeaux et ses vins" (Bordeaux and its wines). In 1868, after Cock's death, Féret published a second edition, revised by himself, which gives a historical overview of the quality development of various wineries and areas that had taken place in the meantime. In it, the now famous Château Pétrus is only classified as a simple Cru Bourgeois. The work became famous in a profane way under the name "Bordeaux-Bibel", but is officially called "Féret" (also "Édition Féret", "Cocks-Féret" or "Cocks et Féret"). It has been published regularly in an updated form since 1850; in 2014 the already 19th edition was published. In the French edition, which has around 2,300 pages, 14,000 châteaux or wines from 400 municipalities and 15,000 people are described. See also under Literature and Winemaking Personalities.

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