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Term used in soil science and geography for the position of a vineyard slope in relation to the direction of the midday sunlight (direction of incidence of the sun's rays). It is given in degrees in relation to the northern direction (often simply as "south-facing" or similar):

  • 0° = north-facing slope - no sun, often also referred to as "shady side"
  • 90° = eastern slope - lots of morning sun
  • 180° = south-facing slope - often referred to as the "sunny side"
  • 270° = west-facing slope - lots of evening sun; exposed to strong weather influences in Central Europe

Exposition - Graphik von der Einstrahlung

In viticulture, the best slope exposure in dry, heat-favoured areas is southeast to east. In climatically marginal locations with heat deficits but sufficient precipitation, south to south-west exposures are optimal. A hillside location with an appropriate angle of inclination is advantageous. Good exposure with sufficient irradiation time is an eminently important factor for optimal photosynthesis. Solar radiation and the associated temperatures are important criteria for suitability for viticulture.

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