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Earthen Stairs

See under Stairs.

Single location in the municipality of Erden (Bernkastel area) in the German Moselle growing region. Centuries ago, the stone stairs that give the name to the vineyard were built in order to be able to reach the rows of vines in the steep terraces better or at all for the laborious work in the vineyards. Wine was already being cultivated here in Roman times, as evidenced by an ancient wine press discovered in the middle of the vineyard in 1998 and partly excavated. The bricked facility, which measures 10 by 14 metres and has several chambers, dates from the second century and is thus the oldest known Roman wine press north of the Alps.

Einzellage Treppchen in der Gemeinde Erden (Mosel) - Rebflächen und Klettersteig

The south-facing vineyards, at an altitude of 120 to 220...

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