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Domaine de Vassal

Branch or vine variety herbarium of the University of Montpellier; see there.

Capital of the southern French region Languedoc-Roussillon in the Département Hérault not far from the Mediterranean coast. In 1289 Pope Nicholas IV founded a church here. (1227-1292) founded a university here with the disciplines medicine, theology, law and philosophy. This developed into an intellectual centre of high level. Among others, the famous doctor Arnaldus de Villanova (1240-1311) taught here. In 1872 the "École Nationale Supérieur Agronomique" was founded as a branch of the university. The reason for its foundation was the catastrophe in French viticulture caused by the two mildew fungi and phylloxera. Jules Émile Planchon (1823-1888), who in 1868 was finally able to identify phylloxera as the cause of the mysterious death of vines, was also a professor of botany here. Today the Department of Viticulture is one of the most important institutes in the world.

Montpellier - Bulle von Papst Nikolaus IV. und Universität (medizinische Fakultät)

The first director was Professor Gustave L. E. Foëx (1844-1906). He worked intensively with American vines and experimented extensively with phylloxera-resistant rootstocks. This was the reason for the special position of the...

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