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Synonym for the grape variety Concord; see there.

The red grape variety originates from the USA. Synonyms are Bergerac, Bull's Seedling, Concord Crni, Corin, Cornin, Dalmadin, Fehérhatu, Fekete Noah, Furmin Noir, Gorin, Gurin, Jurka, Kék Olasz, Koncord, Konkordi, Konkordia, Nyarfalevelü, Nyarlevelü, Olasz Kék, Ripadella, Ripatella, Ripertella and Ripotella. The last four synonyms refer to the cultivar Ripatella, which was previously considered distinct. It was not until 2016 that DNA analyses in Geisenheim (Rheingau) determined that this was genetically identical to Concord. The exact parentage Concord was also determined in 2016 at the Julius Kühn Institute (Geilweilerhof) by DNA analyses. It comes from a cross between Catawba (Vitis labrusca x Sémillon) x Vitis labrusca.

Concord - Rebstock und Blatt

The Concord was the result of ten years of complex selection. Dubbed the "Father of the Concord Grape," Ephraim Wales Bull (1806-1895) seeded a wild vine in the Massachusetts town of Concord in 1843 and propagated it to 22,000 cuttings. From these he selected a single vine by 1849. Nearby stood a Catawba vine, which had always been suspected as a parent. This he propagated and selected further. The final result was presented in 1853, about which there is even a historical record. Bull then named the variety after the nearby town of Concord in 1854. From the 1860ies on, it was widely spread in the northeastern USA as "Grape of the Millions".

Concord - Ephraim Wales Bull mit der Concord-Rebe

The first (pasteurized) grape juice...

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