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Curly Vilém

The viticulture expert Prof. Ing. Vilém Kraus (1924-2013) is considered the most important Czech viticulture expert of the 20th century (his son of the same name was a winemaker and died in 2004). He studied agricultural and forestry technology and agriculture in Prague. For a large part of his life he worked at the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, where he was engaged in research and new breeding of grape varieties and rootstocks. Either by himself or by his team many new grape varieties have been created. These included Arolanka, Cerason, Erilon, Fratava, GM 6493 and GM 6494, K1 (rootstock), Kofranka, Laurot, Malverina, Marlen, Nativa, Neronet, Rinot, Rondo (basic variety), Rubinet, Savilon, Serena, Sibera and Vesna. In the 1980s he developed the Vertiko form of education.

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