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Crown (single location Germany)

Several times occurring single vineyard site designation in Germany. In addition to the two vineyards described below, there are also single vineyard sites in the two municipalities/cultivation areas of Prichsenstadt (Franconia) and Waldrach (Moselle).

Laubenheim - Near

The vineyards are south-south-east facing and have a gradient of 15 to 45%. They cover 27 hectares of vineyards. The different soils consist of loess loam to weathered sandstone and have a low water storage capacity. Riesling is the main variety cultivated here. The Sitzius Wilhelm and Tesch Martin wineries, for example, have a share in the site.

Lorch - Rheingau

The location was first mentioned in documents in 1339 and then in 1449 and 1458 under the name "an der cronen". Probably the name is derived from an old house name in Lorch, according to a second version from a tree crown or a rock towering above everything. The south-west-facing vineyards, situated at an altitude of 80 to 115 metres above sea level with a slope of 45 to 50%, cover over eight hectares of vines. On the medium to deep, slightly calcareous loess and stony, gravelly Hunsrück slate and Taunus quartzite soils, mainly Riesling is cultivated. Shares in the vineyard are held, for example, by the Altenkirch, Chat Sauvage, Graf von Kanitz, Laquai Paul, Schloss Schönborn and Wilhelm Mohr Erben.

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