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The term (from lat. crescentia = growth) can have several meanings. In agriculture and viticulture, it was formerly used as a synonym for grape variety, yield or even for the indication of origin of wines. Above all, however, it used to be a legal term for a naturally pure wine. During production, the grape must was not allowed to be enriched with sugar (to increase alcohol). In Germany (since the amendment of the wine law in 1971) and Austria, however, the name is officially no longer permitted in relation to wine law. However, Kreszenz is still used colloquially for high-quality top wines of noble origin. Kreszenz is meaningfully related to the French Cru (plant) or Grand Cru. See also under 1811s (exceptional vintage), auctions, garage wine, vintage, century wine, comet wine, cult wine, favourite wines and most expensive wines in the world.

Kreszenz -Weinflaschen

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