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The red grape variety is a new breed between Pinot Noir x Teinturier (Teinturier du Cher). This was confirmed by DNA analyses carried out in 2012. Syonyms are FR 71-39 and Freiburg 71-39, the name refers to the colour intensity. The cross was made in 1938 at the State Viticulture Institute in Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg) by the breeder Dr. Johannes Zimmermann (1907-1998), plant variety protection was granted in 1974. The variety is a parent of the new breeding Accent. The late ripening vine has red instead of grey or colourless flesh. The pigments are present throughout the plant tissue, which is why the leaves turn red relatively early. It produces dark and colourful red wines and is used as a teinturier (dyer's grape). However, Kolor has been displaced in Germany by the more colourful varieties Dornfelder and Dunkelfelder. In 2016, seven hectares of vineyards were designated in New Zealand (Kym Anderson).

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