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The white grape variety originates from France. The name derives from "Colombe" (dove) and refers to the gray color of the berries. Synonyms grouped alphabetically by country are Bardero, Blanc Emery, Bon Blanc, Chabrier Vert, Charbrier Vert, Colombar, Colombeau, Colombie, Colombier, Coulombier, Cubzadais, Donne Rousse, Donne Verte, Gros Blanc Doux, Gros Blanc Roux, Guenille, Kolombar, Martin Cot, Pied Tendre, Queue Tendre, Queue Verte, Tourterelle (France); French Colombard, West's White Prolific (California); Semilão (Spain); Colombar (South Africa). A first mention of the vine occurred in the early 18th century under the name Colombar. Despite seeming synonyms or morphological similarities, it should not be confused with the Sémillon (Colombier) or Colombaud varieties. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2013, it is a probably natural cross between Gouais Blanc (Heunisch) x Chenin Blanc. Other varieties with the same parents are Balzac Blanc and Meslier Saint-François. The variety was a crossing partner in the new varieties Blanchard 1, Blanchard 2, Colomino, Rami, Triplett Blanc, Vidal 113 and Vidal 117.

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