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Special 62-cl bottle in which the French Vin Jaune from the Jura region is bottled. There are two versions about this peculiar volume. According to the first version, it has to do with the oxidative method of production. Due to the loss of liquid over six years, about 0.62 litres of Vin Jaune are produced from one litre of base wine. This loss is also called angel 's share (part des anges), as it is with distillates. The second version, however, tells a completely different story. The Jura belonged to Spanish-Dutch rule for several centuries. At that time, the Spaniards were very supportive of winegrowing there, and the 0.62 litres are a historical Spanish measure of wine production. This version is supported by the fact that this measure and the term already existed before the litre was defined as a standard in 1901. An EU derogation was obtained for the unusual volume. See also lists of all formats under bottles and also under wine vessels.

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