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Century wine

vino del siglo (ES)
vin di siècle (F)
wine of the century (GB)
vino del secolo (I)
vinho dos século (PO)

Kreszenzen (besondere Weine) Designation for an exceptional wine of grandiose quality. In a wine evaluation, such products usually achieve the highest number of points, from at least 18 to 20 or 95 to 100 points. What they have in common is that - in addition to the artistry of the winemakers, which should not be underestimated - they were created under particularly optimal climatic conditions. This means that the vintage played a very important and decisive role.

If there is any increase at all to "wine of the century", then it was for example certain wines of the vintages 1540 (a Würzburger Stein was drunk 421 years later), 1748 (a Schloss Johannisberg was proffered to Goethe on his 66th birthday and one copy was still edible at the age of 237), the famous 1811, from the "golden Bordeaux era" 1864, 1865 and 1870, as well as 1945. These crescents are even called "millennium wines". As a rule, they can be kept for many decades, special types of wine such as port wines even for more than 100 years or develop their potential and reach their optimal drinking maturity only after many years of bottle ageing or ageing.

The attribute "wine of the century" is of course not valid for "eternity", because these wines have also reached the end of their development or shelf life at some point. Naturally, such specialities often fetch fantasy prices at auctions and are naturally among the most expensive wines in the world. For the following list of 140 outstanding wines from 55 wineries, the book "The great wines of the century" by Mario Scheuermann (1948-2015) was also used. However, no claim is made to "accuracy" or completeness, because even among acknowledged professionals there are sometimes astonishing differences in the evaluation. However, one can be confident that all the wines listed are, or at least once were, top wines. Some of them are still available and can be purchased at fancy prices:

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