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Castle Vollrads

The winery is located in the community of Oestrich-Winkel in the German Rheingau wine region. The castle was built by the family of the Reichsfreiherren von Greiffenclau at the beginning of the 14th century, the name "Vollrads" is probably derived from a personal name already mentioned in 1268. The family tree of the Greiffenclau family can be traced back to the year 1097. Georg Philipp von Greiffenclau had the actual manor house built in 1684 next to the residential tower, which Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) found "whimsical" when he visited it in 1814. The von Greiffenclau family produced many important personalities, including archbishops and electors of Mainz and Trier and prince-bishops of Würzburg. Erwein Count Matuschka-Greiffenclau (1938-1997) as the 27th scion of the family was president of the Rheingau Wine Growers' Association from 1990 to 1997. With his death, the almost 800-year-old family tradition of winegrowing at Schloss Vollrads came to an end. From 1979 to 1997 the neighbouring Fürst Löwenstein estate was leased and is now once again managed independently.

Schloss Vollrads

Today, the Nassauische Sparkasse continues the Vollrads Castle and the vineyards as a historical unit. A manor restaurant is attached. Art, culture and wine events are also organised. Dr. Rowald Hepp is the estate manager, Jochen Bug the cellar master, and Gregor Vollmer is responsible for the outside operations. In 2001, eight hectares of vineyards were acquired by the Brentano's estate administration, whereby the adjacent plots are also involved. At the same time, the rights were acquired to call the wine pressed there "Goethe's wine".

The vineyards cover a total of about 80 hectares of vineyards in the individual vineyard Schloss Vollrads with the Gewann Schlossberg (both names may be mentioned on the label), Hasensprung (ex Brentano), as well as other areas in individual vineyards in the municipalities of Winkel, Geisenheim and Hattenheim. Only the Riesling variety is cultivated. The south-facing vineyard Schloss Vollrads is situated at an altitude of 70 to 120 metres above sea level with a slope gradient of 5 to 30% and comprises 48 hectares of vineyards on deep loess soils interspersed with gravel, clay and quartzite. A special feature is the "Clos du Jardin" part enclosed by a wall. Here you will find individual vines planted by renowned commercial and catering customers and importers. This project was started in 2011 on the occasion of the 800th anniversary.

The selective grape harvest takes place in several stages over many weeks, so that only ripe and healthy grapes are used for processing. Depending on the vintage, the product range comprises 10 to 15 different Riesling wines, which are marketed according to the four-stage VDP classification model. The wines are fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks or in wooden barrels. In years with suitable weather conditions, Trockenbeerenauslese and ice wines are also pressed. The bottles are exclusively closed with glass corks or screw caps. We also produce bottle-fermented sparkling wines and fine spirits (marc, wine). Many old vintages are stored in the treasure chamber, the oldest are over 100 years old. The winery is a founding member of the VDP (Verband deutscher Prädikatsweingüter).

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