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Name for an alcoholic mixed drink in Spain, which consists of half red wine and half cola (Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, etc.). The name probably derives from the Basque "Kalimotxo", which in German was verbalized as "kahle Muschi" or "cold pussy". The origin of the term "Calimocho" is unclear. The drink became popular in the 1970s. In the Rioja region the drink is also called Rioja libre or Cuba libre del pobre (Cuba libre for the poor). But there are many other names for it, such as Bambule, Bamboo, Cola Red or Cola White, Fetzi and Korea. The alcohol content depends on the amount of wine used.

There are countless versions, in some regions you add a dash of blackberry or kiwi liqueur, lemon juice, vodka or rum. Sometimes the red wine is replaced by white wine (Cola-White), or the Cola by lemon or orange lemonade. The mixture is then regionally differently called Caliguay, Mischmasch, Naranjocho (from naranja = orange) or Pitillingorri. The most common variant is potash, where one litre of wine per person is mixed with one litre of a water-coke mixture. This is mainly used at the Botellón, a meeting among young people, where large quantities of alcohol are drunk together. See also under wine-based drinks and mixed wine drinks and special wines.

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