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The region (ital. Calabria) with the capital Catanzaro is located deep in the south of Italy and forms the jagged "tip of the boot". The coast stretches over a length of 780 kilometres. The Strait of Messina, only three to eight kilometres wide, separates Calabria from the island of Sicily. It is one of the oldest wine-growing regions in Italy. As early as 1,000 BC, Greek settlers from the outpost of Sicily founded colonies here and in neighbouring Campania and called the area Oinotria. They also introduced many of their grape varieties, including perhaps the ancestors of Gaglioppo, Greco Bianco and Greco Nero. According to the legend, the wine of the ancient Olympic champions called Krimisa was produced in what is now the Cirò DOC area. The naturalist Andrea Bacci (1524-1600) in his main work exuberantly praises a wine from Cirella. Calabria still lives on this today.

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