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Cachetic process

Traditional winemaking technique practiced for thousands of years in the Alazani and Iori river valleys in the Georgian region of Kakheti. The centre is the city of Gurdshaani in the southeast of the country. The basis is mainly fully ripe grapes of the white grape variety Rkatsiteli with high sugar content. The grape mash is filled without prior destemming (i.e. with stalks and skins) into overman-sized amphorae made of clay with a volume of up to 3,000 litres. These vessels known as Kvevri (Kwewri) are similar to the Spanish Tinajas. They are buried up to the neck in earth for fermentation in concrete/stone chambers. The very cool maceration lasts a few months until the next spring. Then the wine is transferred to another Kvevri, previously cleaned with spruce bushes, covered with wooden lids and sealed with clay.

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