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Designation (also amper, vat, bucket, bucket, bucket, skid) for a container for liquids or bulk material, usually open at the top, of cylindrical or slightly conical shape, which was formerly preferably made of wood or leather, but is now made of metal or plastic. It is usually equipped with a movable handle for carrying. Etymologically, the term bucket is probably derived from the Latin amphora.

Eimer - Holzeimer 3.700 v. Chr., Metalleimer 19. Jhdt, Ledereimer, Holzeimer

It is also an ancient measure for wine and other liquids, which is already mentioned in the Bible. The sizes are given very differently. From the 19th century onwards, the filling volume was usually around 12 to 15 litres, which is relatively easy to transport by one person. A so-called tap bucket could be carried by two people on a pole and held about 60 litres. See also under wine vessels.

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