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Brushwood disease

Even the Romans knew about this dreaded vine disease, which is proven by descriptions of the symptoms. It is one of the most important diseases worldwide, which are caused by viruses in viticulture. In Europe, there was a sharp increase from the 1880s onwards during the phylloxera catastrophe caused by contaminated rootstocks. The course of the disease is insidious. The first symptoms only appear a few years after infection. This is a group of several related diseases. Because of this, there are many synonyms such as decomposition disease, fanleafness, fasciation (banding), short-nodularity (french: court noué) and the panachure shown in the picture below. However, these synonyms do not describe the disease itself, but its symptoms (which sometimes occur in a similar form in other diseases). In the 19th century, the prevailing opinion was still that the cause was a degenerative consequence of excessive vegetative propagation of the vine

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