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Bonarda Piedmontese

The red grape variety comes from Italy. Synonyms are Balsamina, Bonarda, Bonarda dell'Astigiano, Bonarda dell'Monferrato, Bonarda di Asti, Bonarda di Chieri, Bonarda di Piemonte, Bonarda di Pyemont, Bonarda du Piemont, Bonarda Nero and Driola. The name Bonarda (see there) is used in northern Italy for numerous independent varieties. In spite of apparently indicative synonyms or morphological similarities, Bonarda Piemontese should not be confused with the varieties Croatina, Douce Noire (grown in Argentina under the name Bonarda), Neretta Cuneese, Neretto Duro, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso or Uva Rara.

Bonarda Piemontese - Weintraube und Blatt

The vine is well resistant to various vine diseases. It produces colourful, alcohol-rich but low-acid red wines with a flowery aroma. The variety is cultivated in the Piedmont region and is registered there in the DOC wines Collina Torinese, Colline Novaresi, Colli Tortonesi, Monferrato, Piemonte and Pinerolese. In Lombardy, confusingly, in the Oltrepò Pavese area, there is a wine called Bonarda, with the main part of the Croatina variety. The area under cultivation in 2001 was 218 hectares (ex Wine Grapes). In the statistics of Kym Anderson no variety of this name was recorded in 2010 (?).

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Pictures: M.I.P.A.A.F - National Vine Certification Service

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