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Blanc sauvignon

The white grape variety comes from France. Around 100 synonyms testify to the great age and the worldwide spread of the vine in almost all wine-growing countries. The most important ones, grouped alphabetically by country, are Feigtraube, Muskat-Silvaner, Würzsilvaner(Germany); Blanc Doux, Blanc Fumé, Blanc Fumet, Fumé, Genetin, Gennetin, Gentin a Romorantin, Gros Sauvignon, Libournais, Painechon, Puinechou, Punéchon, Punechou Quinechon, Sauternes, Sauvignon Blanc Musqué, Sauvignon Fumé, Sauvignon Jaune, Sauvignon Jeune, Sauvignon Musqué, Savagnou, Surin(France); Pellegrina, Pissotta, Sauvignon Bianco(Italy); Fumé Blanc(California); Sauvignon Bijeli, Sovinjon(Croatia); Genetin(Luxembourg); Sotern Marunt, Verdo Belîi(Moldova); Fig grape, Muscat Silvaner, White Sauvignon(Austria); Muškatni Silvanec(Slovenia); Sauvignon Blanco(Spain); Fehér Sauvignon, Zöld Ortlibi(Hungary). It must not be confused with the varieties Ahumat, Savagnin Blanc(Traminer), Sauvignonasse (Friulano, Tai), Silvaner or Spergola (formerly a synonym for Sauvignon Blanc in Italy), despite apparently suggestive synonyms or morphological similarities.

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