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black (GB)
noir (F)
nero (I)
preto (PO)
negro (ES)
zwart (N)

In German-speaking countries such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland, it is a common ingredient in the name of red wine varieties. The attribute "black" or "noir" (French), "nero" (Italian) or "black" (English) is also used to describe their berry colour. The dark colouring of the grapes, to which the red wine owes its colour, results mainly from the anthocyanins contained in the skins. The term "blue" corresponds to the attribute "black". This is because the colour palette of these grape varieties ranges from deep black to dark blue and blue or sometimes even violet. The attribute "red" on the other hand, for example in Roter Veltliner or Roter Traminer, indicates pale red to red grapes, which produce a light (white, yellow, greenish) to pale red white wine. See in this respect under colour, as well as blue, red and white.

schwarze Rebsorten - Pinot Noir, Kolor, Gamay Noir,Kadarka, Blaufränkisch

Pictures: Ursula Brühl, Doris Schneider, Julius Kühn Institute (JKI)

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