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Barrique maturation

Designation for a wine maturing in relatively small wooden barrels, which are also toasted (toasted) on the inside walls by means of firing compared to conventional wooden barrels. It is therefore a special form of barrel ageing with the aim of introducing wood and roasted flavours into the wine. Through the barrique maturing process, various aromatic substances are also added to the wine. The name is derived from Barrique, the type of barrel mainly used in Bordeaux with a standard volume of 225 litres. However, larger barrels of up to 700 litres are also considered barrique barrels. Up to which barrel size one can speak of a "genuine" barrique maturing, however, is regulated differently in different countries. As a rule, the barrels are made of oak wood from special oak trees, mainly from France and America (and also local oak trees), but also other types of wood such as acacia or chestnut.

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