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Barrel wine

Designation for a wine (also called barrel wine, french vin en vrac, engl. bulk) which is not bottled but sold or transported in larger containers to processors, bottlers or wholesalers. The term refers not only to wine bottled in barrels, but also to wine stored in large tanks or transported by tankers. Such wine in smaller barrels or containers is often served or sold to the final consumer as open wine or wine by the glass (wine by the glass). Barrel wines are also often given the attribute bulk wine, which is equated with low quality or wines of simple cut. However, the tendency is towards better quality for these products as well. The World Bulk Wine Exhibition, as a special event for open wines or cask wines, strives to improve its image in this respect. Bulk wines account for 40% of the wine trade worldwide. Barrel tasting, i.e. the tasting of wines before bottling, has a different meaning. See also under barrel.

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