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Barrel types

forme de futaille (F)
type of cask (GB)
tipo di fusto (I)

The wooden barrel is one of the oldest wine vessels, along with the amphora made of clay. The Greek historian Herodotus (482-425 B.C.) mentioned those made of palm wood in which wine was transported to Babylon. From around 600 BC onwards, the Celts used wooden barrels to a greater extent for transporting wine. With the conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar around 50 BC, the skill of making wine was taken over by the Romans. They mainly used fir wood. Remains of wooden barrels (cupas) were found in Pompeii, for example. For the production of wine barrels today mainly oak wood from French or Amrican oak is used, but also acacia and chestnut are very popular. According to the shape, a distinction is made between round barrels (most common shape), drum barrels (shorter than the diameter of the belly) and oval barrels (higher than wide). Wooden barrels are mainly used for storing and transporting wine, but are also used for barrel fermentation. They are also an ideal ageing container for high-quality wines, which need a slow supply of oxygen from the breathing wood during barrique ageing or barrel ageing for their maturation.

Fass - Fasskeller mit verschiedenen Fässern (Fuder, Barrique)

In Thuier-South of France there is an oak barrel with a volume of 1,000.200 l, which is used for the aperitif Byrrh. However, two other two exhibits compete for the title "largest wine wood barrel in the world". In Heidelberg Castle (Baden) there is one with a volume of 221,726 litres, which was once used as a wine barrel. Even larger is the Dürkheimer Fass (Palatinate) with a diameter of 13.5 metres and a volume of 1.7 million litres, which was manufactured as a showpiece and houses the "Restaurant Dürkheimer Fass". But the 120,000 litre barrel of the Rotkäppchen-Mumm sparkling wine cellars in Freyburg is also impressive. In the individual countries, a wide variety of barrel designations with different sizes are in use. In some cases, however, the types listed are only units of measurement. The five largest wooden barrels in the world are described under largest barrel in the world. See further listings under barrel, barrel and wine vessels.

Designation - Use

Volume in litres

Use in countries

Anchor 34 - 45 multiple countries
Antalag (Antal, Anthal, Antalak) 50 - 75 Hungary
Barile keg Italy
Barrel 119 England, USA
Barrique 225 (up to 350) worldwide
Concrete barrel 900 multiple countries
Bocoy 663 Cuba, Spain
Bota 500 - 650 Jerez - Spain
Butt 573 England
Carato (Caratello) 200 - 300 Italy
Carretada 500 Jerez - Spain
Cognac 350 Cognac - France
Champagne 205 Champagne - France
Batch 900 Médoc - France
Douil 450 Médoc - France
Stainless steel different worldwide
Feuillette 114, 132 - 136 Burgundy (Chablis) - France
Foudre 1000, 3000 and more France
Fuder 960, 1000 Moselle, Saar - Germany
Carriagebarrel (Fuhrfassl) 800 Austria
Fermentation tanks different multiple countries
Packaging different multiple countries
Gönci barrel (Gönci hordó) 135 - 145 Hungary
Hogshead 238 England, USA
Wooden barrel(large wooden barrel) different worldwide
Skid 458, 637, 786, 796 multiple countries
Batten barrel (loading barrel) different Germany
Muid (Demimuid) 1300 (650) South of France
Ohm 134 - 175 multiple countries
Oxhoft 210 - 290 Europe
Pièce 205, 215, 228 Burgundy, Chamapgne - France
Pipe (Pipa) different international
Poinçon (Ponchon) 200 - 300 France
Port wine (see under Pipe) different Portugal
Puncheon (Firkin, Tertian) 318 England, USA
Puttony 24 - 28 kg Tokaj-Hegyalja - Hungary
Quartaut 57, 114 France
Queue 456 Burgundy - France
rebarriQue different multiple countries
Roundlet 68 England, USA
Sherry (see under Bota) different Jerez - Spain
Stakvat different international
Piece (half, quarter, double, three) 1200 Germany
Szerednye barrel (Sz. hordó) 200 - 220 Tokaj-Hegyalja - Hungary
Tierce 159 England, USA
Tiercon 500 France - for cognac
Tokay (see Szerednye barrel) 200 - 220 Tokaj-Hegyalja - Hungary
Tonel 1000 and more Portugal
Tonneau 900 France
Tun (sound) 955 England, USA
Four of a kind (Vierling) 600 Baden - Germany

Fasstypen - Edelstahltanks - Weingut Bassermann-Jordan

in-depth information

All aids, work and measures in the vineyard during the vegetation cycle can be found under vineyard care. Complete lists of the numerous cellar techniques, as well as the wine, sparkling wine and distillate types regulated by wine law are included under vinification. Comprehensive information on wine law can be found under wine law.

Wooden barrels: from Leo Hau on Pixabay
Stainless steel tanks: Winery Bassermann-Jordan

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