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A special packaging (Engl. "bag-in-box") for beverages invented in 1955 by William R. Scholle. It became popular in the 1970s and was used mainly for milk, fruit juices and later also wine. The liquid is contained in a bag made of foil composite material (for example aluminium/polyethylene or polyethylene/ethyl-vinyl alcohol), which is protected by a stabilising cover made of corrugated cardboard or wood. In addition to the classic bag-in-boxes with cuboid cardboard, there are also more visually sophisticated ones in cylindrical form (bag-in-tube). There is a pouring valve on the bag. When the bag is emptied, it contracts so that the outflowing volume is not replaced by air and contact with oxygen is avoided. This ensures longer taste stability. The volume for wine containers is 1.5 / 3 / 5 and 10 litres. In the meantime, special, inexpensive cool boxes are also available for this purpose, which can hold up to three BiB's. Power can be supplied via the normal electrical network, but also via a car cigarette lighter.

Bag-in-Box - verschiedene Behälter

Initially, this form has quickly established itself overseas such as Australia, New Zealand and Argentina as well as in Northern Europe. In the USA, the number 1 such wine is the "Franzia" brand from the Wine Group (California). In Australia and New Zealand, the majority of wines are bottled and marketed in this way. This type of packaging is sometimes also called "bladder pack" and the wine is also known as "caskwine" or bulk wine. In German there are the likewise pejorative names "Schlauchwein" or "Tütenwein". In this respect, however, a rethinking is necessary. The EU wine market regulation that came into force in August 2009 now allows quality wines to be filled into various special containers such as Bag-in-Box, KeyKeg or Tetra Pak within the EU. The Châteaux-Carton marketing platform was founded in France in 2005. See also under Wine Tube.

Bag-in-Box - Zapfhahn und Riesling in Bag-in-Box

Bag-in-box packaging: Smurfit Kappa
Tap: Vitop®
Riesling: Drinks Hoffmann GmbH

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