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Audouze François

Audouze François The former French industrial manager François Audouze (*1943) is a famous private collector of old and rare crescences. According to his own statement, he has already tasted several thousand wines, some of them very old. The oldest wine he enjoyed was a 1769 vintage, and Audouze regularly organizes exclusive "Diners d'exception pour amourex de vins rares" for wine lovers.

Exquisite food is accompanied by exquisite wines, most of which are very old. All the wines are tasted by François Audouze beforehand in order to guarantee the best possible enjoyment. The dinners take place in various prestigious restaurants in Paris. A concrete example is an event on 16 October 2008 for nine people. For the following wines € 1.100 per person had to be paid:

François Audouze's cellar holds around 40,000 bottles of wine from select wineries. Among them are several thousand of the vintages before 1945 back to the beginning of the 19th century. The oldest rarities are or were a Malaga Larios Bénéfique 1800, a Cognac Maison de l'Empereur 1811 and a Tokajer 1819. Furthermore, Audouze organizes the event "Académie des Vins Anciens", where you can bring in old crescences from your own property and taste them with like-minded people. Audouze propagates a special form of wine preparation which he has tried out and which he in principle also practises at all his events. He strictly rejects the traditional form of decanting, because in his opinion it causes the wines to collapse.

The bottle is first of all closed two days before the planned enjoyment and left standing upright without moving or touching it. It is then uncorked and left standing without decanting, with the cork being placed only on the opening to protect it from dust or insects. Audouze recommends four to five hours for very old wines (30 to 40 years and older) and five to ten hours or more for younger wines. He is also against removing the deposit because he thinks that this will change the taste, even destroy the structure of the wine. The wine is poured carefully into the glass. According to Audouze, "the first glass of wine poured into the glass tastes different from the last".

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