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artificiel (F)
artificial (ES)
artificiale (I)
artificial (PO)
kunstmatig (N)
artificial (GB)

General description for the aromas of a wine in the context of a wine address. The term, which is usually negatively connotated, is to be understood in context and describes an unnatural, false or artificial-looking taste impression. This is expressed, for example, by droppy ice-cream candy notes, which are not uncommon in cold-fermented wines, or jammy notes, which can occur at high fermentation temperatures or during mash heating. In extreme cases, the impression of artificial aromatisation can arise. This effect can also occur with high class wines, which are still too young to be enjoyed, but which disappears completely with longer bottle aging, or sometimes even after longer aeration or decanting. Certain grape varieties tend to have artificial notes, such as Muscat d'Alexandrie, as well as many mainly red new varieties with American species such as Vitis labrusca. See also under wine faults.

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