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The Armagnac production and trading company, headquartered in Villeneuve, was founded in 1946. A total of 400 winegrowers with 3,200 hectares of vineyards in the Bas-Armagnac are contractual partners. The largest continuous area is 62 hectares. Six distilleries operate in the two municipalities of Eauze and Panjas. A total of 1.8 million litres of distillates are stored in the cellars, making Armadis the largest producer and exporter of Armagnac. The Armagnacs are sold under the brand names Chabot, Duc d'Ejas, Gerland and Marquis de Puysegur, each in different variants such as VS, VSOP, Napoleon and XO. The Chabot company was founded in 1828. Since 1963 the distillation and maturing has been done in its own cellar near Armadis. A speciality of Chabot is the XO Superieur version, which is filled into a porcelain bottle in the shape of a goose. Chabot Armagnacs are exported to almost one hundred countries. Armadis also produces other products such as wines and liqueurs. The company belongs to the C.G.E.V.F. group of companies, which is owned by the Cognac House Camus.

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