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Annual cycle

Regarding growth development of the vine, see under vegetation cycle.

The vegetation period (also vegetation phase or period) is the rhythmically repeating part of the year in which a plant actively grows and develops. The study of the associated biological processes is called phenology. In viticulture, the growing season is the period from the last frost (late frost) in spring to the first frost (early frost) in autumn. This should be at least 180 days. The remaining part of the year in which a perennial plant does not grow is referred to as the vegetation dormancy, rest period or dormant season. The totality of the annually recurring growth phases of a plant including the dormant period is the vegetation cycle. In viticulture, however, the vegetative cycle of the vine is often understood as a period without a dormant period.

Phases of the cycle

The months or periods listed in the table below for the individual cycles of the vine are average values; the range of variation can be relatively large. Possible influencing factors are environmental conditions such as climate (microclimate), weather, as well as soil composition and environmental conditions such as vine enemies. The period or pace of development is also strongly dependent on the grape variety. Very early ripening varieties go through the cycle from budding to maturation (ripeness) very quickly in around 130 days and are therefore suitable for cooler wine-growing regions. Late-ripening varieties such as Riesling and Grüner Veltliner need more light and warmth, they have a long growth cycle of up to 200 days (see also ripening time). Last but not...

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