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American Vine

In grapevine, only the genus Vitis is important for viticulture. The genus Vitis is divided into two subgenera (subgenus) Vitis subg. Vitis (with 60 species) and Vitis subg. Muscadinia (with 1 species). According to the geographical occurrence, the subgenus Vitis subg . V itis is divided into a European, Asian and American group. The latter is the name for all wild vines originating from North America with about 30 subspecies (sub-species).

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american subspecies (sub-species)

Strictly speaking, the subspecies (species) should be designated in the form Vitis vinifera subspez. labrusca or Vitis vinifera subspez. riparia , for example. However, when indicating the origin of grape varieties, abbreviated terms such as Vitis labrusca or Vitis riparia are used. A characteristic of some American vines that is negative for the European palate is strawberry aroma and foxy. This is particularly true of Vitis labrusca and Vitis rotundifolia. The most important American subspecies (sub-genus) of the two subgenera are:

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