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The white grape variety originates from the border region Portugal/Spain. Synonyms are Albariña, Albariño, Albelleiro, Alvarin Blanco, Alvarinha, Azal Blanco, Cainho Branco, Galego, Galeguinho and Padernã. The parentage (parenthood) is unknown. In spite of apparently indicating synonyms or similarities, it must not be confused with the varieties Albarín Blanco, Albillo Real, Amaral, Azal Branco, Caíño Blanco, Galego Dourado, Savagnin Blanc = Traminer (in Spain and Australia under Albariño and Albarín Blanco) or Verdeca. Alvarinho was a crossbreeding partner of the new varieties Alvarinho Liláz, Alvarinho Silvestre, Alvarinho Topasio and Casalze. It is most likely a very old grape variety. According to an unverifiable hypothesis, it was allegedly brought to Galicia via the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago between the 11th and 13th centuries by Cistercian monks from Germany or France. However, the assumption of a relationship with Riesling is not tenable. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2003, there is a close relationship with the Loureiro variety. From a presumably natural cross between Albariño(Alvarinho) x Caíño Bravo(Amaral) comes the variety Caíño Blanco.

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