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Single location in the municipality of Westhofen (Wonnegau area) in the German Rheinhessen growing region. The first documented mention of the site dates back to 1380, when Johann Philipp Bronner (1792-1864), in his work "Der Weinbau in der Provinz Rheinhessen, im Nahethal und Moselthal" published in 1834, together with the Kirchspiel site, described the site, then known as "Auler", as the two best Westhofen vineyards. The core of the vineyard, which is described on old field maps as "Die Aulerde" next to the "Oberen Aulerde" and the "Untere Aulerde", is a four hectare area. Only about 20 hectares of the large site are considered privileged. The south-south-east facing vineyards at an altitude of 100 to 200 metres above sea level with up to 10% slope, today comprise 96 hectares of vineyards. Rows of hills in the west and north offer protection from cold winds. The soils consist of meter-high loess layers with suspended loam with clay and gravel sands in the subsoil. The main varieties grown here are Riesling, Dornfelder and Silvaner. The vineyards Erbeldinger, Geil Helmut, Groebe Friedrich, Hirschhof, Knobloch Klaus, Sander, Schwahn-Fehlinger, Winter Stefan and Wittmann Philipp have a share of the vineyards.

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