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Almond Garden

Single vineyard site in the municipality of Gimmeldingen (Mittelhaardt-Deutsche Weinstrasse area) in the German wine-growing region of the Palatinate. Already in 1456 this vineyard was mentioned in the Zinsbuch of the monastery of Weissenburg as the origin of excellent crescences. The east-southeast oriented vineyards, located at an altitude of 150 to 180 meters above sea level with up to 20% slope, comprise 21 hectares of vineyards. The soils consist of red sandstone rubble with loess. A special feature are water veins in the subsoil, which run on a two-metre deep layer of clay. The Christmann Arnold, Müller-Catoir, Ohler Johann and Ziegler August wineries, for example, have a share of this. There are other individual sites called Mandelgarten in the Palatinate municipalities of Gönnheim, Wachenheim and Weisenheim.

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