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The white grape variety originates from Italy. Synonyms are Albarola Bianca, Albarola dei Piani, Albarola di Lavagna, Albarola di Sestri, Albarola Trebbiana, Bianchetta del Genovesato, Bianchetta Genovese (2nd main name), Bianchetto, Calcatella, Trebbiana Bianca, Trebbiana di Sarzana e Carrara, Trebbiana Nostrale, Trebbiano Albarola and Trebbiano di Sarzana. It should not be confused with the Bianchetta Trevigiana or Scimiscià varieties, despite seemingly suggestive synonyms or morphological similarities. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2009, the two varieties Albarola and Bianchetta Genovese, which occur in the province of Genova, are identical. However, in the municipality of Lavagna, a genetically different variety of Albarola has been identified, which is present only here. In any case, in the DOC regulations, Albarola and Bianchetta Genovese are indicated as distinct varieties.

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