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4 noses

In the context of a wine evaluation (judge) or wine appeal (describe), one sometimes speaks of four different olfactory sensations that can be perceived one after the other when tasting:

1. Nose: Without swivelling the glass, only a short and light sniff is taken without inhaling too deeply. This allows the particularly volatile aromas to be perceived and gives a first indication of the type and complexity of the wine.

2. Nose: By swivelling the glass (see also under wine enjoyment) further aromas are released. Also a possibly existing wine defect is now intensified or only now perceived.

3. Nose: After the first sip and the distribution of the wine in the mouth, further aromas are released, which are now perceived retronasally (when breathing out) via the connection of the nasopharynx with the upper nasal concha to the olfactory mucosa.

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